GoToGallery Design Center, located in Southern California, is a collaboration of artists and designers making well-designed and finely crafted objects to display and use in the office, home and garden. Because each object is hand-made, each one is unique, no two will be exactly the same.

All our products are either designed and made by one of our artists or artisans or made by them in collaboration with one of our designers.

Many of our products are made only after receiving an order, therefore, we can customize it to your requirements and preferences. Some of our artists only design and make unique works of art and these are available for immediate purchase and delivery.

We also accept commission work consistent with the interests of our artists and designers. Here is the list of things we do:

  • Portrait/Life Study
  • Mural/Painting/Drawings in any specifics of styles, techniques, colors or size for your office, restaurants, business or residance
  • Hand crafted gift items
  • Wedding and Invitation Cards

How it works: Contact us and we will set up an appointment at your space to discuss your project. We will take the mesurements and photographs of the space and get some ideas you might have. And also would like to involve you as a part of design process in understanding what exactly is your style and taste and see your inspirations.

Next step: In next few days we will share some ideas we have researched based on the first meeting we had. We will showcase some of the sketches and mockups. And we will provide you with a estimate which includes cost of the project, timeline and project start date. Upon signed proposal, 50% deposit is required to start the project and balance amount will be due upon project completion.